One of my go to reads when looking for inspiration is the Shop Talk series on the blog Glitter Guide. The series features extremely talented and inspiring people discussing their professional lives. Each person is photographed in their work environments and gives us, readers, a mini virtual tour of the space where “all the magic happens”.  Yesterday, they featured a very cool artist named Teil Duncan.
Teil-Duncan-Natalie-s-Favorites-0001-e1396641014892Teil is a hugely talented young painter, who lives and works in Charleston, SC. After graduating with her degree in art, which she then thought useless, due to the country’s depressing economic state, she moved to Charleston and began working various random jobs. Feeding her love of art, she decided to visited Redux Contemporary Art Center, a studio warehouse that encourages and supports artists in turning their passion into their profession.  Teil was extremely inspired by the artists working in the space, especially the young female painters whose careers were, actually, thriving. She was so inspired that she decided to take a huge leap, quit her job and join the Redux community. She spent her first year painting a few commission pieces, along with subjects she chose. With the help of a small loan and consistent time in her studio, she became able to support herself as a full-time painter.

Glitter Guide gives us a peek into her painting studio here.


Teil-Duncan-Natalie-s-Favorites-0018-e1396641455887Teil-Duncan-Full-Gallery-0003-e1396641567682Teil-Duncan-Natalie-s-Favorites-0035-e1396641387374 Teil-Duncan-Natalie-s-Favorites-0027-e1396641418485Teil-Duncan-Natalie-s-Favorites-0002-e1396641534140

 Teil says she’s inspired by “light, movement, surprising color combinations, social interaction, and patterns.” She combines those elements and “forms abstracted, pixellated compositions”, which are absolutely stunning.

My favorite pieces are from her “Beaches” series. And I’m obviously, not alone because every painting has been sold!

490ecc8cf600843f9fdfcddb65be5da0c68d17b8e4c357ca5239be5f0c1fae23 c140a05d5e3dad6dcdc5ed4832fc16b56fe8b6a70a9937ac06143b7832685fef9015da63f172a026ac06659c848bd686 b66fbd5a5c75855f8e4ee1f5575e62ddeae5e875bddd17d682c524c690b2baa4 eb55c16bc0279641d754bf8d889eb981Teil’s paintings are mostly of figures, whether she’s “painted a long expanse of figures on a beach or honed in on one single figure posing nude”, like in her Figure Studies.

photo-167photo-270photo-23 DSC_0482photo-158

On her website she writes that she’d “like for the observer to feel a casual, yet upbeat and sophisticated mood evoked from my work.”

I’d say we feel that and more.



This space is the perfect mix of traditional and minimalism. The home owner achieved this by layering the classical interior architecture with minimal contemporary furnishings. God, what I would give to live in a space with that much character – all the ornate crown moldings and the wainscoting trim in the dining room, the huge old school windows and pocket doors…..not to mention that herringbone wood floor in the living room & what looks like the office. Ugh, I die!

That much fabulous detailing throughout the space doesn’t need much more decor brought in, as this home proves. Although, as much as I love the minimalistic style and admire those who live that way, I must accept that it’s just not me. I somehow accumulate an awful lot of stuff, and I definitely enjoy a good “dust collector”, (as my mom would call them) maybe a little too much.


scandinavian_2scandinavian_9scandinavian_6 scandinavian_5scandinavian_10scandinavian_1scandinavian_12 scandinavian_11

Seeing this space has inspired me to do some ‘spring cleaning’. I’ve gotta go through all of our stuff in the apartment and purge all the unnecessary crap. Then, hopefully, cleaning the entire space to get ready for spring, won’t seem like such a horribly daunting task. It’s a big job, but somebody’s gotta do it……

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UPDATE: Just so everyone knows, my roommate is a very good cleaning partner, and is very helpful when it comes to household chores…