I can not believe Thanksgiving is two weeks away!! I hate how the older you get, the faster time seems to fly by.

I’ve been looking at a lot of table setting images, lately, trying to get some inspiration for our wedding. Although, due to the timing, I seem to be seeing a lot more Thanksgiving set ups than formal wedding ones. Here are some of my favorites.Thanksgiving table 8














Thanksgiving-Table-Setting-and-Centerpiece-Ideas- Fall- 2012- Ideas-6






Every morning I wake up and start the work day with coffee, emails and blogs. I have a few blogs that I read religiously, one of them being, Elements of Style. I’m sure, if you’re into blogs, it’s one of your daily reads, as well. Erin is an interior designer, but she writes about anything and everything. It’s always entertaining and never disappoints. She just published her first book, too. Which is so, so good – it made the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Today’s post was about a crazy fabulous bedroom makeover, by Design Daredevil’s  Jessie Miller. The before and after pictures are insane. You have to go check it out.

Anyways, Erin showed pictures of the completed bedroom and then suggested some furnishings that would achieve a similar look. She included this print by Graeme Montgomery.


I love it….and I don’t even like cats. I’m always looking for unique artwork, so I looked into more of Montgomery’s work. He’s one of the world’s leading photographers of luxury fashion items. His photographs are mainly editorial, but some can be purchased on These are a few of my favorites.

graeme-montgomery-mannequinsgraeme-montgomery-leather-glove-and-walletgraeme-montgomery-circle-of-womengraeme-montgomery-fevergraeme-montgomery-broken-glassgraeme-montgomery-black-stockingsgraeme-montgomery-olive-oils graeme-montgomery-pale-feathers graeme-montgomery-sparkly-eyesPretty cool, huh? There are more prints here…..and, is offering 40% off all orders today.



I finally found my wedding dress! It took visits to 5 different stores, but, like everyone always says, when I put it on, I just knew. My very patient mom and co-maids of honors came with me to Vows in Watertown. I had heard great things about the store, so I was really excited to finally check it out. Well, obviously we should have gone their first, because I had the best experience.

Since crossing the dress off my wedding to-do list, I’ve moved on to obsessing over accessories. I now fall asleep at night to thoughts of fabulous shoes and jewelry. Some of which are from J.Crew’s current collection. Have you seen it yet? Every piece is insane!

Here are some of my faves.
jcrew jewels

So. Amazing. Is it too soon to start my Christmas list?



I finally got pictures taken of some of my work!  I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and am so grateful to Emily of Emily Barker Photography for taking such beautiful shots.

I’ve been working with this particular client for two years, now. I love designing for her because she’s so open, and trusts me to take the reins and run with it. She originally hired Sarah and I (I worked with Sarah Brittain before I went out on my own) to design her formal living room and an awkward space next to the entry, which screaming for a purpose. We designed the living room as a library of sorts and turned that awkward space into an “entry office”, where any mail would get sorted and bills would get paid.

CarolineNewtonInterior-50CarolineNewtonInterior-651762 LivingRoom 1CarolineNewtonInterior-71CarolineNewtonInterior-74CarolineNewtonInterior-73

1762 Office 1CarolineNewtonInterior-109CarolineNewtonInterior-99After those rooms were completed, the client wanted to re-design her family room. At this point, Sarah had moved to Florida and I was, now, working on my own. The client wanted this room to be more casual and comfy than the living room, a place for the family to hang out on a regular basis. This was one of my favorite rooms to design.

1762 FamRoom 01

CarolineNewtonInterior-20 CarolineNewtonInterior-39CarolineNewtonInterior-33CarolineNewtonInterior-371762 FamRoom 03CarolineNewtonInterior-23CarolineNewtonInterior-17CarolineNewtonInterior-29For my first photo shoot, I think it turned out pretty well. I did learn a few things about styling and getting the spaces “camera ready”. It’s quite a tedious undertaking and I will definitely be hiring an assistant for the next shoot. 
Thanks so much, again, Emily!! You’re so talented!