So, January 13th can not come soon enough.

Why, you ask?

Because the season 2 premiere of Girls is on!!


For those of you who are not familiar with the show, 1. I’m so sorry 2. don’t worry, you can bang out season one in two nights, tops and 3. you’re welcome.

And boys, contrary to the title, this is not just for the ladies. My man friend watches it with me and actually laughs out loud, more than occasionally.

The HBO show is a comedy-drama, about 4 girls, in their early to mid twenties, living/surviving in NYC. If you are thinking Sex and the City, don’t. It is the exact opposite. The characters are younger and in a total different stage of their lives, just figuring out who they are and what they want to do with their life. The show displays all the non-glamorous hilarity that is real life as a 20 something.

 The show is totally relatable, of course, because of the writing and acting, but also because of the sets. One of my favorite things about movies or TV shows are the sets, especially the characters’ homes. A person’s home tells so much about themselves, and in movie land, this notion can be used to its full advantage by helping to communicate things about the characters that may or may not be vocalized. I love discovering all the little details that the set designers incorporate into the characters’ surroundings. I find it so interesting, that if I come across an especially intriguing space, I admit, I become a bit obsessed. Once the movie or TV show is over, I’ll go online to research the designers and search for any images of the sets that I can find. If I’m lucky, I’ll find floor plans or models of the space. I love floor plans!!!

So, hopefully you can understand how excited I was when I googled the sets from Girls and found a ton of images.

 Marnie’s & Hannah’s Apartment

girls apt.indd

Very “I just graduated college, have no money and went furniture shopping at my parents’ house”. Love it.

Shoshanna’s Apartment

girls apt.indd

Extremely girly. Looks like the room of a 12-year-old, not a 21-year-old, fits Shoshanna perfectly.

Adam’s Apartment

girls apt.indd

Gross. Total dude’s place.

Charlie’s Apartment

girls apt.indd

Now this is awesome. We don’t actually get to see Marnie’s boyfriend, Charlie’s apartment until the end of season one. But when we do, we are glad we did. It’s so smart and practical.

Hopefully you found these images as riveting as I do.

Don’t forget the new season of Girls starts January 13th!

all images via here or my pinterest

ciao for now.indd

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